Project Overview:
Graphic designers need to think beyond traditional production methods. An important part of working in an advertising agency as a designer is the ability to work with different types of input. This assignment focuses on working from a comp made by group ideas and consensus.
The goal is to visually convey an idea of what the movie is about and to invoke interest in the viewer in the form of a movie poster. You may use whatever style as well, painting, illustration, photography, photo manipulation, etc, or combinations of all. The GCU film students who made these movies need unique ideas and designed posters that are used to advertise their movies.
For this team project I worked as the graphic designer coming up with ideas in the form of sketches and then creating the deliverables. I went through the process of having several revisions making minor edits until the file poster design was approved by the art director.
The Project Manager put together the presentation in the form of a process book.  
Meet Harold Film
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