Hot Diggity Dog
Project Overview:
 🌭 Hot Diggity Dog, a food truck for hot dog connoisseurs. Owner Matt Rover has been working on expanding his truck, and he wants to begin offering more than just hot dogs. His product has gained a lot of attention lately, and he is now ready to do a complete brand update.
Hot Diggity Dog is looking for a fun and playful style logo that tells customers they can get so much more than just hot dogs. He is not looking for illustrations of just hot dogs but a typography-heavy logo that highlights the many other available products. Matts's current logo is very bland and is a simple hot dog illustration.
Hot Diggity Dogs’ unique selling point (USP) is the variety of food products offered. Their menu contains items like the Phoenician Sonoran Hot Dog, The Javelina Burger, and their popular Road Runner Ice Cream Sunday.
I began this project by conducting a thorough survey of the food truck scene in Phoenix. I wanted to gather inspiration to see what local competition is out there, so I visited various food trucks and took photographs of their operations. This allowed me to understand what others were doing and consider new ideas.
For my visual research, I created a color palette inspired by other successful food truck and fast food companies. Additionally, I explored logos featuring dogs and hot dogs to gather ideas for the branding of my food truck business.
To kick off the design process, I began by sketching thumbnails and generating preliminary logo concepts. This allowed me to experiment with different ideas and refine my vision for the final product.
To ensure consistency in my brand identity, I developed a brand style guide, which included specifications for typography and colors

In order to provide the client with a range of options for the final logo design, I created three digital comps. These comps were crafted with the goal of presenting the client with a diverse set of possibilities and allowing them to select their preferred design. By incorporating the client's feedback into the design process, I was able to ensure that the final logo accurately reflected their vision and met their needs.

Once the client selected their preferred digital comp, I proceeded to develop a range of color variations for the logo, as well as creating secondary logos for additional use. To give the client a comprehensive view of how the logo would appear in different contexts, I created various mockups showcasing the logo on a range of products and applications.
Having completed the design of all the necessary products, I turned my attention to creating the food truck wrap. To begin this process, I started sketching thumbnails and generating ideas for the final wrap design, exploring various visual concepts and themes.
Next, I created rough digital mockups of each panel of the truck wrap design, bringing my sketches and ideas to life in a digital format.
After carefully refining my design, I created a comprehensive mockup of the final wrap design. This mockup was presented to the client for approval, ensuring that the final product met their expectations. Once approved, the design was ready to be sent to the printer for production.
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